Quick identification of diarrhea problems!

Calf diarrhea poses a great health problem in herds and is therefore a significant economic risk in cattle breeding. The causes for diarrhea are multiple. Infectious and non-infectious factors can trigger the onset of calf scours. When a calf suffers from diarrhea, immediate treatment is required. Here particularly, it is imperative that the cause of the illness is quickly and accurately identified.

For this reason Schils offers a device to test for calf diarrhea. In just a couple of minutes you will know if a calf suffers from a specific type of diarrhea (Rotavirus, Coronavirus, E-coli K99, Cryptosporidia).

In this way the farmer can be advised to implement the correct treatment strategy. The Health Products of Schils support the farmer to obtain his goal of healthy calves and high growth.

  • Rotavirus
  • Coronavirus
  • E-Coli K99
  • Cryptosporidia

Packaging: Box of 5 tests

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