Effectively reducing the pH-value of liquid feed !

Suitable for : Bucket feeding

Euro-Cid is a special product for acidifying Calf Milk Replacer as well as whole milk. Euro-Cid can be applied in liquid feeding for calves, lambs and piglets (colostrum, whole milk and milk replacer).

It is a blend of free and buffered organic acids and is particularly effective in reducing the pH-value of liquid feed. This helps to reinforce the digestion and can slow down the development of infectious diarrhea. Thereby, it extends the shelf life Milk Replacer in ad-libitum feeding systems.

  • Contains a mixture of organic acids
  • Helps to improve digestion of feed components
  • Extends the shelf life of milk replacer in ad- libitum feeding systems
  • Slows down the development of harmful bacteria
  • Overall positive effect on intestinal/gut health and performance

Packaging: 5kg bucket

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