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Superspray - Nucleus for animal feed

Schils offers different kinds of dairy concentrates which increase the performance of your young animals. These animal feeds are an extra energy source. Our Superspray products are optimal combinations of fats, proteins and lactose to be used as an ingredient in the production of animal feed.


  • Combination of highly digestible fat, protein and lactose for use in pre-starter and weaning diets
  • Basic essential amino acids are incorporated due to the high content of dairy protein in this animal feed
  • Homogenised refined edible fats assure better taste, excellent stability and high digestibility
  • Superspray is high in Glutamine which is an extra energy source to improve the nutrient absorption of the cells in the intestinal wall
  • Supplementation of Glutamine in combination with milk products or milk substitutes is strongly recommended

Your partner in Animal Feed

Schils is THE specialist in animal nutrition and animal feed. Schils is always looking for partners to create and share knowledge with. By sales, marketing and technical support from our side and field experiences from your side, we can work together to increase performance in growth, health and profits. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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