Our Guarantee of Quality

Schils only offers products with the highest quality guarantee!

Our selection of raw material for animal feeds and milk replacers is based on strict specifications. All of the products that enter our factory are tested thoroughly by our specialists. Furthermore, we use trial farms where our products are tested to ensure the highest quality. This ensures the reliability and quality of our products.

Our laboratory uses state of the art equipment such as NIRS, GC and Mastersizer. In addition to our GMP-, ISO14001- and ISO22000- certifications, Schils meets and exceeds the standards of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

Schils' quality program is part of Safety Guard, the prize-winning quality concept of the VanDrie Group.

For urgent quality issues outside office hours you can reach us by:
Tel: +31 (0) 6 51 42 81 85

Our certificates

ISO 14001

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 - Supply Chain


GMP+ B10


GMP+ MI102-MI 103

GMP+ MI105


Pastus +

A Futter


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