Fresser - Animal feed for veal calves

Schils offers a complete range of animal feed products for the rearing of young animals. Next to our products we support our customers with advice about breeding and the rearing of you animals.

Fresser brings you closer to your goal to rear a starter calf of 180 kg in 100 days. This will bring continuity to your company and will increase the sales of bull calves. This kind of animal feed forms the basis for the rearing of calves.


  • Fresser 50 Premium with 50% SMP for maximum growth.

  • Fresser 35 with 35% SMP - The less expensive version of Fresser 50 Premium.

  • Fresser Unistart Spray - Contains a lot of milk protein which is beneficial tot the growth of your young animals.

  • Fresser OptiStart - Less expensive replacer for skimmed milk powder.

Your partner in calf milk replacers

Schils is THE specialist in animal nutrition and animal feed. Schils is always looking for partners to create and share knowledge with. By sales, marketing and technical support from our side and field experiences from your side, we can work together to increase performance in growth, health and profits.

Schils offers more than just a milk replacer. Schils offers what you need to reach your goals.

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