EuroTier 2018

From November 13th until November 16th, EuroTier took place in Hannover, Germany. This year’s edition attracted around 155,000 visitors from 130 different countries and 2,597 exhibitors from 63 different countries.  Leggi

La prima carne di vitello olandese alla volta della Cina

Dopo oltre 17 anni di trattative, il mercato cinese si è finalmente aperto alla carne di vitello olandese. Leggi


VIV Europe 2018

Last week a special edition of VIV Europe took place in Utrecht. This edition marked the 40th anniversary of the global platform for agro-business.  Leggi


Innovation Fair VVFC "De Uithof"

Last week, Schils BV was invited to an innovation fair at Utrecht University, organised by student society VVFC "De Uithof". Leggi


Schils BV – Under construction

In recent months, a lot of work has been done on the Schils site in Sittard. This article provides an overview of the activities that have taken place. Leggi


Organic milk replacer for calves and lambs

We recently added organic versions of our our well-known concepts for calves and lambs, Eurolac and Novilam, to our product range. Both these products comply with the EU rules for organic farming, and the production process is... Leggi


Training weeks calf rearing 2018

This year, just like in previous years, we organized several training weeks on calf rearing for our partners. During these weeks, we try our best to offer a varied program with the most important aspects of calf rearing. Leggi


PIGIPRO in Russia

Last week the 23rd edition of the International Specialised Industrial and Commercial Exhibition MVC: Cereals – Mixed Feed – Veterinary took place at the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements in Moscow, Russia.  Leggi


Schils BV in India

From December 9th until December 11th the Progressive Dairy Farmers’ Association (PDFA) organized the International Dairy & Agri Expo in Jagraon, India. Leggi


Kickoff Piglet Training at Schils BV

Since launching our renewed PIGIPRO 1-2-3 concept at EuroTier 2016, our focus in the last months has been on introducing this concept to our partners. For this reason, last week, we organized the first training on piglet rearing... Leggi


Le aziende VanDrie Group che producono mangimi per animali ottengono la certificazione ambientale

Le quattro aziende olandesi VanDrie Group che producono mangimi per animali hanno recentemente ottenuto la certificazione ambientale. La aziende (Alpuro, Navobi, Tentego e Schils) hanno la certificazione internazionale ISO 14001.  Leggi


International Sales Meeting

Last week the International Sales Meeting 2017 took place in Sittard - The Netherlands. Schils BV organizes this seminar every two years for its colleagues within the VanDrie Group. Our goal during these two days is to share... Leggi


Training week calf rearing

Last month we at Schils again offered our partners the opportunity to partake in our training week on calf rearing. During this week we presented a program focussed on the most important aspects of calf rearing. Leggi


FIGAN 2017

Last week the 13th edition of FIGAN (the Feria Internacional de la Producción Animal, or International Animal Production Show) took place in Zaragoza, Spain.  Leggi


Training weeks on calf rearing

During the last few weeks we at Schils offered our partners the opportunity to attend our training weeks on calf rearing. In these weeks we presented a program focussed on the most important aspects of calf rearing.  Leggi


VIV Asia 2017

Last week another very successful edition of VIV Asia took place in Bangkok, Thailand. The 2017 edition broke records in terms of attendance, exhibitors and events.  Leggi



Feeding supplement milk from the second day after birth is becoming rule rather than exception in modern sow farming.  Leggi


Schils Oxi Plus

Schils BV introduces the “Schils Oxi Plus” concept in Calf Milk Replacer worldwide at Eurotier 2014.  Leggi


Schils BV introduces “Schils Omega Plus” in calf milk replacers

During EuroTier 2012, Schils will introduce a new concept for adding to calf milk replacers: “Schils Omega Plus”. By applying a new technology, the possibility was created to implement the well known advantages of vegetable... Leggi

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